Individual State Timelines

Arizona: Non-Judicial

California: Non-Judicial

Idaho: Non-Judicial

Montana: Non-Judicial

Nevada: Non-Judicial

Oregon: Non-Judicial

Utah: Non-Judicial

Washington: Non-Judicial



Foreclosure Timelines

foreclosure Timeline photoThere are two primary types of foreclosure procedures; Judicial and Non-Judicial. Judicial procedures are followed by states that use mortgages as the security instrument for property loans. Non-judicial procedures are primarily used by states that use Deeds of Trust as the security instrument.

Timelines vary widely based on these two procedures, and also by state. Choose one of the timeline links in the column to the right to learn more about a specific state's foreclosure process.

The Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) provides an excellent resource on foreclosures including how to avoid a foreclosure, and how the timelines work. Learn more about foreclosures directly from HUD.


DISCLAIMER: Presentation of these timelines is for general purposes only. No information on this page is to be viewed as legal advice or as an official description of the judicial or non-judicial process. These timelines are general and are displayed strictly as a service to customers. They are not intended to be all-inclusive nor to cover default proceedings in all states. Consumers are advised to seek professional legal counsel in any default proceeding.