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Related Services:

Assignments- Bulk or Intervening

Nationwide Document Retrieval

Collateral Services & Accommodation Recordings

Document Imaging



E-Recording Enabled

3,600+ County Compliant

StarSuite Application Software

Web-based Customer File Inquiry

Reconlink Software (to initiate a Lien Release)

Personalized Service

Efficiency and Accuracy

45+ Years Experience

Overview of Web Access:

Reconveyance/Lien Release Search- Gives customers access to their lien release files with a graphical, easy-to-use interface.
ReconLink- Allows customers to initiate lien releases all the way through the data entry process. TD handles the rest.

Lien Release/Reconveyance Services

Lien Release Services girl, smilingNearly five decades of experience has shown us that, while complying with county document requirements may be “standard,” the individual needs of our customers vary greatly when it comes to service.

TD Service Company specializes in customized, scalable lien release and reconveyance processing and tracking services. Whether your volume is one loan or thousands, we offer exactly what you need; custom-designed workflows, advanced software applications, integrated systems, reporting, and pricing with you in mind.

Our business model includes a significant investment in one of our most important assets, our own employees. TD Service Company’s focus on ensuring that our employees are well-trained, accurate and knowledgeable yields a team who provides expertise and service levels you can count on.


What TD Offers:

 Nationwide Lien Release/Reconveyance Processing

We process files for all 50 states using our advanced StarSuite processing software application. We can handle anything from high volumes to highly specialized requirements. Highlights include:

Manager and team assigned to your account to oversee conformance to customer requirements

Preparation and recordation of lien releases in all counties/jurisdictions

Compliance driven workflows

Comprehensive reports

Sound document execution and notarization practices

Coordinate Third Party signing when necessary

Option of e-recording when available

Track Recorded Releases, pro-active when documents not returned from the county

Recorded document imaged and accessible via TD's secured web application

Loan level status and detailed information available via TD's secured web application

Customer can initiate a lien release by providing data and images via TD's secure website

In-house IT staff available for customized reporting, specialized documents, or importing/exporting data